Protodeacin Gabriel Petorak nade is Bi-Annual Trip to Dubryich, Ukraine in early July. The Church is St Mary's Orthodox Church and is a sister Church of St Michael's in Jermyn. Our parishioners have benn very generous to the Church in Ukraine over the years with monetary donations for which many things have been purchased for the Church.The Ukrainian people do not have enough funds to furnish their Church. St Michael's adopted the parish and support it regularly.

Iconistas was donated through donations from St Michael's Parish.Do
Dormition Icon on the right was given in Honor of Prtodeacon Gabe & our Parishioners
Priest Vasily Pope,Rector,reading a letter from Father Gabe.
Father Gabe presented another gift to Father Vasily from St Michael's.
Many Years intoned for the parish of St Mary's.
Father Deacon Sasha, and his Matushka having hostyna after Liturgy.
Protodeacon John,Matushka and his son who served the Liturgy.
Vladyka Antony with the children at camp grounds for the children.
The children receiving a Blessing from Valdyka Antony.
Children presented a concert for the Hierarch.
They sang many songs.
Interior of the Church of Protection of the Theotokos in Semek Ukraine.
The Iconostas of the church
Receive the Body of Christ. Children approach the Chalice at St Mary's.
The girls choir which had 22 voices singing during Communion.
The Senior Choir, but congegational singing is also done.
The Blessing of Icons which were a gift of St Michael's.
Father Gabe presented each parishioner with an Icon.
The Veneration of the Cross.